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Westland Junior Middle School

Westland Junior High School is located in Westland Village, Tianzhu Autonomous County, which was built in 1978. In 1984, it was changed to a middle school. Then in 1996, it was moved to a new place with 679,100 RMB offered by The World Bank's Third Basic Education Project.

Now the school has an area of 10800 m2, covering area is 1,925 m2. There are three teaching buildings, 1,652 books in the library, office for teachers and dormitory for both teachers and students. Now there are over 400 students and 28 teachers in the school.

Westland Junior High School's education level is one of the best in Tianzhu County, but there are still 50% of its students can't continue their study after graduation. And since Westland Village is one of seven depressed villages in Tianzhu County, some of the students will leave the school before graduation due to poverty.


Westland Junoir Middle School.