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Future in Children's Eyes

In March, 2007, the new term started, and we made a plan to solicit articles in the school to describe the future of Westland Junior High School. Many of the students wrote to us.We selected some of the articles to our website.

In my eyes, there are two possible happenings for Westland School in future.

One is as everyone hopes, that the houses in the school change to two six-floor buildings, one is for teaching and one is for living. Students here don't need worrying about hot and cold anymore, since there has been air-conditioning and central heating in the classrooms and dormitories. Children will not give up studying because they cannot pay the tuition fee. Our natural environment is beautiful and the air is fresh. The most important thing is that there are all kinds of instruments and books for studying. This helps teachers teach more easily and students have more interesting to learn. Students won't worry about their future to high school or university and everybody has the chance to receive higher education. I believe, a school like this is a dream in every student's mind.

The other situation is out of our expectation, that is, after many years, most of villagers move to other places to live, and there will be less students. So the school will be closed.

I hope the future of our school is the former one. (By Li Fang)

Time passes so quickly and it is in year of 2070 now. One day, I drive an airship designed by myself and fly to my junior high school. There is a five floor building stand in front of me, and although it is winter now, there are flowers everywhere.
I enter a classroom and find there is no teacher but only teacher's voice. I find that the teacher is in his office and uses computer to teach. The text automatically appears in the blackboard.

The dormitory and dining-room is behind the teaching building. Inside the dormitory, each student has a bed of his own. There is also an ultra thin TV on the wall.

I believe life like this is not a dream. (By Shan Jian-fang)

Good temper only appears in good situation. But there are so much to improved in Westland School.

On Sundays, students will walk for two to three hours to the school, and have to study for three to four hours at night even they are quite tired. I believe there would be no efficiency to study like this.

I hope we'll have school bus in future. Now in winter, it snows heavily and wind blows hard, and people can't bear the cold. I hope there will be central heating in classroom and dormitory.

The situation of the library is also to be improved. Sometimes students want to borrow books but it is closed. I hope the library will be an open one, let it be the paradise for students. This will help students get more knowledge.


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