White Yak


Chinese caterpillar fungus

In the grassland over 3000 meters above the sea level in Tianzhu, there grows a kind of epiphyte named Chinese caterpillar fungus. It is a combo of caterpillar and fungus. In summer, when snow begins to melt in highlands, a kind of moth named bat moth will lay eggs on leaves and flowers. After the eggs are hatched, caterpillars come out and grow up on the food of plant roots. At the same time, a kind of fungus will also grow quickly, some will enter the body of caterpillar, and mycelium will grow inside the caterpillar. From summer to winter, the caterpillar will gradually die due to the fungus inside. The next summer, the fungus will grow root out of the dead body of the caterpillar, and looked like grass with 4-10 cm long. Spores are in the top of the 'grass'. When spores grow mature, they will be sprayed out and scattered to everywhere with the wind. Chinese caterpillar fungus is the recognized king of epiphyte. It is rich of fat, protein and vitamins. It can be braised with chicken and meat. Or drink with tea and wine.

White Yak Horn Comb

White Yak Horn is rich of corneous protein. The horn comb is good for blood circulate in head. And it can also cure white hair and hair losing problems.