White Yak


The Introduction of White Yak

White Yak in Tianzhu is the rarest kind of Yak in China. The most interesting thing is that Black Yak is the common kind in other grassland, such as Heihe Yak in Tibet. The white there is only 8%. And in Qinghai, the white is less to 3%. But in Tianzhu, most all of yaks are white. Huarui Tibetans cannot live without White Yak. The flesh of White Yak is fresh and tender. It is a popular food to Tibetans. The percentage of cream in White Yak's milk is one time higher than cow. Tibetans use the cream to make ghee and yoghourt. The skin of White Yak is good material for leather product. Tibetans use it to make tent, rope and bag. The horn of White Yak can be made to comb. And White Yak's bone can be made to bone glue. The tail and hair can be made to blanket, clothes and stage props. White Yak's dung is also the energy sources for Tibetans. Especially in rural area, White Yak is the main traffic tool to climb snow mountains.

White Yak was regarded as a divine animal in ancient time. And it was a kind of sacrifice. Before slaying a White Yak, people should read lection for 300 times.



When we took the photo of the white yak, we felt a little scared at first. But later we found it was quite gentle. It appeared to pose for the photo.


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