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Huaru Tibetan costumes>>>>hats

The Tibetan ,both men and women ,old and young,wear different types of caps.Caps are used to protect the had the intelligent Tibetan people decorate their caps with precious stones,silver and gold. These caps are all shepherd's handmade products , which are inf different forms and beautiful.The most attraction in the colourful Tibetan costumes is the cap dating form Ancient Times.
According to the seasons hats can be divided into summer hats and winter hats; by characteristics, there can be ordinary hats, artist hats, caps and shepherds; according to styles, there are mainly four-ear hats, fox fur hats, formal hats and lamb fur hats. Not wearing a hat would be taken as filial piety (rural areas), however many young people do not always wear a hat and Tibetan clothing nowadays, which is totally different from the past. In fact, a robe will appropriately match the hat. In Huarui area, due to colder weather, men and women usually will wear leather hats and formal harts in the formal occasions.
Formal cap

There are many types of Tibetan women’s hats, for example the sand-ru cap, the coral spot hat, the felt hat with golden trim, the formal hat, the wowo hat and the chimney cap.

Sand Ru cap: it is the most common one, which can be seen all the year round, at home or in the fields.

Coral spot hat: also called the" coral lotus cap", is the favorite of young woman. It is a distinctive hat, with small red coral beads are lined into a ladder-shaped to cover over the head, also with various decorative color ribbons sides.

Fox fur caps


Wowo cap: also known as the gold-trim hat, which is a gorgeous winter hat, with four semi-circular brims, made of black leather. People can use it to cover their ears, and put the brims into the hat in hot days.
Wowo cap
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