Welcome to Hua Rui Tibetan clothing website, here is China national beautiful costumes and Hua Rui Rui people's deep mind. Hua Rui people welcome your arrival, welcome you to have a look of Hua Rui grassland.

Huaru Tibetan costumes

There is a magic treasure located in the east of Menyuan Hui Autonomous County, Haibei Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, and eastern Qilian Mountains, where there are high deep valleys, turbulent rivers, mountains, and amazing scenery. Huarui Tibetan have been living here for generations. They have created their own Huarui Tibetan culture with their own industrious hands, adding a bright luster to Huarui Tibetan culture.

Clothing is a major consumption in our life, which can be different to present their traditional culture and the material and spiritual civilizations. It is typical in Huarui Tibetan clothing, especially in women, who love decorative dress and walk chin-up with luxurious clothing accompanied by an array of various ornaments.

Huarui Tibetan men wear white carpet gowns, reflecting the special advocating to white and the same deep national pride with other parts of the Tibet.

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