visiting the Malianqu county

    Malianqu county is one of rich county in wuzhong city, with hui group people accounting for 80%. It enjoys the grass weaving county and per capita number 1 milk county”. When we just walk into the government office, the warm keeper uncle receive us warmly. When we talk our purpose, he lead us to the Mr. Wang director’s office. What is more make us happy, wang is also the huizhong students, whose dean is our master wu.

Wang print out one documents about the malianqu county, and introduce to us. We know from him that right now malianqu county are mainly rely on the “xuequan” and “taifeng” this two milk product leading enterprise. They develop other grass curtain, loop etc. which has push the local economy a lot. The labor industry serves as the third industry locally.

malianqu county’s people creates the bright future by their hands and hardship spirit, we are looking forward to malianqu’s tomorrow.

What have impressed us a lot is the quanquan milk products company in malianqu county. Normally, it is very strict to get the entrance, even if interview, you have to clean and in uniform and boots.

So we are prepared to be rejected. But when we ask for get in, we are approved! As it is the time after work, the product is stop. The charger ask one to follow us and introduce.

After the clean, we can get into the workshop. All the sets of machine are pulished, showing their products safe, clean and sensation.

After the introduction whole procedure, the charger distribute one bottle of milk each of us, though our teacher declines, but moved by their consistence. With the milk on our hand, we just awared that we are all tired after whole afternoon working. Drinking the sweet milk, all of us suddenly felt the sunshine spirit in the sunshine enterprise.


The procedure of the milk in xuequan milk product factory

    xuequan milk product factory is the special enterprise in malianqu county. When we get there, all the staff in are all working in the factory, but the leaders there are very warm, and introduce to us all the procedure. First of all, they carry all the milk back and the check of the crude milk.

Put the milk into the number one reservation milk, we can purify the auto supply water . and then to the number 2 reservation pot to mix with the material. In the balance machine, it is mixed and kill the bacteria in 137 degree .

The processed milk was sealed in the sealer, it was sent to the high temperature stove for cleaning. The pure milk was in 15 minutes in 118 degree, but the acid milk can be taken 30 minutes in 98 degree. The high temperature stove is heat by the water. The water can be recycled in the pump, after that, it can be cooled and heat. Not only can be adjust the water temperature, but also water recycle is realized.

Finally, we are well carried all the achievements back home. Though it is a little bit cold and dark, we are happy. The bus are full of our happy song….


Saishangjiangnan irrigation works museum copy right @ ningxia province wuzhong city hui group middle school