Board Bridge County

    Board bridge county was named after that on the qin trench, which is located in the wuzhong city southwestern litong district 5 kilometers. Yinping road was from east to west, from which shizhong highway is connected at board bridge county to its south. The ancient qin trench, from west to east, go through it at its north, which can enjoy the huanghe river irrigation advantage and also one of the commercial corn basis in irrigation area. Within its all territory, it covers 6 kilometers from west to east and in 4.1 kilometers width, with the whole area in 24.6 square kilometers, in which the arable land is 1332 mu. At the end of 1999, the whole county has the population of 17688 ,in which include 4061 household and 5824 manpower. In its coverage, there are seven village, including: cai bridge, board bridge, ren bridge, waving trench, gaojia lake xiangdao trench, liang trench and 64 villager group.

    These years board county’s all social industries are in fast development. Till 1999, the whole county total output of industrial and agricultural is 150000000 RMB and also realize the per capita in 2903 yuan. Every village, group, schools has telephone, and roads in the village. In 1998, it has been listed as the well-being county by litong committee and government. The individual investment business develop vigorously. We abstract the suburb advantage to develop the second and third industry, forming the industrial framework mainly as the service, food, powder processing, fur and skin purchasing, communication and weaving. In order to enhance the farmers income and to face the great western develop challenge, board bridge county adjust continuously agricultural framework and to develop vigorously the stock breeding industry. Now in the whole county, the milk cow are nearly 2000 , the meat cow is nearly 5800, and sheep nearly 15000, which forming the waving trench milk cow breeding village. Actively cultivate the leading enterprise by forming the wuzhong city board bridge new style milk product factory and wuzhong city board bridge breeding wholesale village, forming initially the industry framework, in which the industry lead the basis, basis lead the farmer’s family by joining the union of product, process and sell. Board bridge government decide to build the standard breeding area to lead the whole breeding industry. It is struggled to reach 15000 meat cow and 25000 sheep till 2005, which will realize the stock breeding strengthening target.


    Saishangjiangnan irrigation works museum copy right @ ningxia province wuzhong city hui group middle school