Flat Root




About Ningxia: Introduce Ningxia province in respect of location, products and resources and history.

Paste Food: Introduce the origin and 15 kinds of paste food. In Interviews are the reports of interviews in Ningxia restaurants.

Paste Food Making: We introduce in three aspects: material, making process and famous paste food restaurants.

Current Situation: We want to have an investigation and publicize the result.

Our Artwork: We display our paper-cuts and drawings.

Our Team: The column introduces our team members, tell our stories and feelings and display our photos.

Thanks: Here we express our sincere appreciation to all the people offering us help and support.

Experience: The difficulties, gains and feelings can be found here. We also tell you the tools we have used.

Introduction: It introduces the framework of our web and the reference.

Meaning of our team name Xia Tian

Xia means Ningxia, our hometown and Tian means Tianjin where Town and Talent locates.