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  There is the fame of beautiful lake in the Changshantou area. Inside there are 72 kinds of birds and 12 kinds of the shrimps , forming the whole complexity. The well-protected bird resource has the key role on the ecological balance.With the help of the experts and the leaders from the governments,there are many items for the site.
  Leisure, entertainment, and holiday items:
  1、Tianhu holiday village
  The village is located on the island in the center of the Tianhu Lake,with an area of 10000 square metres ,in which there is a combination of leisure, entertainment and sightseeing.
  2、Farmer paradise item:
  Farmer houses are built on the bank of the lake with wood around ,and in the natural site red willows.
  3、Construction of the fishing centre:
  The fishing centre is located within the scenery of the Tianhu Lake.It is planned that the area of the centre will be 200 mu.


                   Natural site

   When you are in the site, the fresh air will be breathed into the lung,feeling refreshed and clear.In the vast area of the water,you can see fishes swimming in the clear water,birds playing ,green water plants floating.One the east bank,you can see the vast red willows and other wild plants, colorful, attracting all the birds,butterflies, forming the matural music.


Cultural site

  Aside with plenty of the natural sites,the dragonking temple and earth god temple are available here.

Qingquan Temple gate

Inside of Qingquan Temple

Dragonking Temple

Outside of Qingquan Temple

Temple eaves

Dragonking figures


Earth god Temple


Earth god

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