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The Tianhu Lake¡¡Scenery

¡¡ Situated in the middle dry area of Ningxia,the Tianhu Lake is surrounded by hills with uniquely beautiful landscapes.In 2000,the local people took the chance to develop the area.Through 3 years' hard work,the largest marsh lake in Ningxia came into beging.Inside there is the lake,marsh land,reed marshes,red willow,and Chinese wolfberry gardens.Red willow area is 25000 mu.The water area is 13000 mu with a depth of 1.2 metres.

¡¡¡¡With clear water,beautiful landscape,birds singing ,red willow and green reed marshes around ,a boat trip on the peaceful lake cruise is the absolute high point of a visit to the Tianhu Lake,just like forming the natural music.

Beautiful scenery

Bell sound of the Temple

Attracting green sight

Gate of the site
House at the lake
Bank of the port
Strong reed
Lane in the grass
Crazy ostrich
Story on temple gate
Birdview of temple
Sleeping Buddhist
Woods on the bank
Lake in sunset
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