Wufeng Temple is located in the wufeng mountain, which is nearby Baiduonao village of wufeng town, 15 kilometers northwest of weiyuan town of huzhu country.It is 45 kilometers from Xining, the provincial capital of qinghai. You can reach huzhu From xining to huzhu high-speed and Highway, and then reach wufeng temple by

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tourist highway. Wufeng temple is the famous man-made tourist site.Wufeng Temple has a long history and famous for its beautiful scenery. At the same time, Wufeng temple has a very high reputation for its impact of the culture, folklore, customs for wufeng town and surrounding. Our school is nearby wufeng temple and we make distinctive curriculum reling on the humanities,entironment,arts and architecture of wufeng temple. We designed a curriculum just in order to visiting and knowing wufeng temple and how to dressing it.We make the website to show the harvest of the meaningful activity and let more people know wufeng temple.

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