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Wanda Cairang's
Although some of our classmates are Tibetan, they are not familiar with Tibetan traditions because of living in city for long time.. Therefore, we are going to interview a Tibetan, Wande Cairang,who is our teacher Xing's relatives. One day in interview, we learn to how to cook Tibetan meals and to dress.

Date: 2006-11-16
Interviewee: Wangde Cairang and his family
Participants: Wang Zi-li; Xing Xiu-hua; Kong Yu-xia; Li Xiao-chun; Sang Yong-xuan; Yangfan; Zhoutai; Zhangli.

Students: We hope we haven't inconvenienced you.
Wande Cairang: You're welcome to see us at any time.
Students: Today, we come here just for having a taste of your ordinary life and share your happiness.
Wande Cairang: That's great.
Students: Would you tell us how to make Zanba?
Wande Cairang: Well, it's a Tibetan food, roasted qingke barley flour, sugar and buttered tea. In usual occasion, the host uses one finger to mix these things slowly into Zanba. If the guest wants to do it himself, it's ok. Usually guests eat no more than two bowls of Zanba, which is difficult to digest in stomache.
Students: Would you tell us more about your Tibetan folk traditions?
Wande Cairang: Ok. When drinking qingke wine, the guest should use finger to dig into the cup three times and send forth into the sky, which means offering sacrifices to sky, earth and ancestors. People should speak honorifically to guests and seniors. While eating, people should avoid occupy whole mouths, make any noise, or randomly pick up food. When walking, people should not stand in other's way, but let others pass firstly. When sitting, guests should sit in their own positions and not stretching willingly. These are the essential etiquette that parents pass down to their children.
Some other tips include: no split plates or bowls served to guests; both hands passing cups or bowls to guests; getting on horses from left side; keeping collar of clothes to the left when it's put on the horse; walking behind the guests' seat; putting on robe when taking part in ceremony or going to monastery; sending a stuffed bowl to others, which is considered to be the best gift; putting Hada on the top of gift; never put empty barrel outside the door when guests arriving; not sweeping floor immediately after guests' leaving. It's a taboo to break bowls or plates on first, eighth and fifteenth day of every month. If you do it, just put some ash in the bowl and throw it out from the back wall, which means getting rid of bad luck. When leaving yard, people should close the gate immediately. Gate opening is the symbol of death. It's a curse to beat people with ash or say 'ash' to others. There are many other Tibetan folk customs.
Students: Would you like to take pictures with us in Tibetan robes?
Wande Cairang:I'm glad to do it.
Wande Cairang' son: I will send you home by tractor.



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