Thangka and Duixiu are traditional arts and crafts in Tibetan culture.They are two unique works of art in Ta'er Temple,the gem of Tibetan culture.Our school is the one of china's first Tanka and Duixiu vocational senior high schools. By interview our teachers,we would like to brief you on Thangka and Duixiu
The characteristic feature of Duixiu

We interviewed two teachers about on this subject.

Ask:Good afternoon,teacher Zhao,and treacher Yang,would you please give us a brief account of Duixiu.
Answer:Duixiu is one of the arts that the Tibetan temples are famous for.It is a sort of Thangka that is a kind of scroll painting mounted on silk.It is done with silk thread of different colors, depicting landscapes, figures, flowers, feathers, pavilions and towers.

Ask:What is the distinguishing feature of the Duixiu?
Answer:Duixiu are made of colorful silk-fabric cuttings. These cuttings in the shape of Buddha, man, flower, plant, bird, wild animal, insect, fish etc. are sewn on a large silk fabric, in-between stuffed with wool, cotton or other woolly materials, to achieve three-dimensional effect. They constitute a dazzling silk gallery. Artists of appliques pay particular attention to projecting the lines and contours of an individual figure. This fully demonstrates the artistic style and skill of Tibetan culture.

Duixiu Process
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