Team introduction

Our team consists of twelve members: four instructors and eight students.

The instructors are: Mr. Li Yue-fu(team leader); Ms. Li Hong-yan(in charge of web page making); Mr. Chen You-xi(in charge of editing material); Ms. Wang You-ju(in charge of arrange interview).

The students are: Wang Jin-fen, Zhang Qi-ying, Zhang Jin-an, Maping Zhao You-qian, Su Chang-xiang, Wei Min-wen and Shen Gui-ling

This is the first time we participate in the CyberFair. The three supervising teachers and the team members lack previous experience in webpage construction. Although we meet much difficulty, we get to know that ¡°no pains, no gains¡±. The following paragraphs are our sound bite.

The importance of teamwork: in our research of "Ta'er representative art-Tangka& appliqued embroidery", we get to know the importance of cooperation. As long as we unite, we can overcome all the difficulties. Everyone is responsible for his or her work, and finally we finish our web site.

The computer skills: in web page making, our computer skills improve a lot. We learn to use Macromedia Dreamwer to edit web pages; photoshop to possess pictures; Flash to make simple cartoons and find information on the net. Our instructor also teaches us how to make flash in spare time.

The aesthetic faculties: in web pages making and picture possessing, we choose colors to match Buddhism in our instructors' principle "overall coordination & partial comparison".

The communication skills: in our research, we interview our school leaders, teachers and students who help us a lot. We overcome nervousness in communication with strangers.  

Learn more about the folk arts: before our research, we knew quite a little about Tangka& appliqued embroidery; however, we get to know the origin, development and producing procedure of them. We feel the greatness of Buddhist culture.


Team introduction
Members of team(Pictures)
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