Thangka and Duixiu are traditional arts and crafts in Tibetan culture.They are two unique works of art in Ta'er Temple,the gem of Tibetan culture.Our school is the one of china's first Tanka and Duixiu vocational senior high schools. By interview our teacher,we would like to brief you on Thangka and Duixiu

Thangka Process

The white cotton cloth is stretched over the frame.(notice: the cloth should in parallel with the four lines of frame.)


Brush a layer of collagen. When it is dry, brush a thin layer of white powder.(Notice: brush the powder evenly and then use smooth china to polish. )

3,Mark(copy) for printing:

Put the draft at the back of cotton cloth and copy the picture in the sunshine.

4,To color:

Color the whole picture and embellish some special parts.

5,To brush with golden:

Use tiny colorful brush to cross out the outline and use golden brush to embellish special parts.

6,Picture mounting:

Decorated with silk and frame.
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