Wetland Protection and Restoration in the Qinghai Lake
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Environmental awareness

Description of "Our Community"
Qinghai Lake is the largest salt-water lake in China, whose area approximates to 4650 sq.km. It's famous for a special kind of scaless fish and millions of migrant birds. It's a well-known resort and natural reserve. Due to its ecologic dominance, it was authorized as the international important swamp in 1992 and national nature reserve in 1997.

Summary of Our Project:
In recent years, the water level of Qinghai Lake continuously falls down due to global warming, over-fishing and ignorance of environment protection. The number of "Huang" fish declines each year. The fishes grow very slow (it reaches 1kg after ten years) because of the low temperature of the lake. If no protection is carried out, this species may die out. If it happens, the migrant birds, which live on fishes, may never come. As a result, other hydrophytes will grow without limitation. At that time, the Qinghai Lake will be a dead lake. The beautiful scenery will never appear. As local students, we need to do something to protect its environment and draw the world's attention on it. We are trying our best to redress the ecologic balance here. In 21st century, the theme is to protect the earth, nature and diversity of species. It's our commission. As long as everyone takes part in the protection activity, the Qinghai Lake will become the beautiful home of animals and human beings.

The purpost of participating in the Cyber Fair:
At first, we don't consider much about participating in the Cyber Fair. With other's encouragement, we form our team, work together and consult others whenever difficulties arise. Finally, we overcome all kinds of hardships and difficulties during the process. The activity has enhanced our teamwork spirit and improved our communicating and interpersonal abilities.

Project conclusion:
It's our first time to participate in such an international competition. We learn much knowledge beyond textbook, such as the importance of teamwork, communication with others, computer skills and social service. The interview and research not only boardens our knowledge scale, but also enriches our experience. We are proud to say that we are not the idols of the cave any more.

Gangcha Middle School, Haibeizhou, Qinghai Province