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   Low carbon life -- we are on the way.    


  A bird is difficult to crawl

A birds is difficult to crawl. She had crawled for a long time. She wants to escape from here. Although her wings have atrophy, and bone has been softened, she still crawls. In fact, she is sentimentally attached to here. After all this is her home at which she has lived ten years! Once, the tree on the bank, the water in the river, even those shrimps and fish in the river brought her endless joy. She and her brothers and sisters happily flied and lived here. What a great enjoyment it was! If the city does not constantly expand, the environment is not worsening, the peers do not constantly die, the human beings do not catch them, the bird would probably live quiet here.
And now she has to escape from here.


The idea came into her mind at a summer morning. We couldn't survive here any more. She was very sad. She shook wings, flied up, but unexpectedly, heard the "zha" sound, her wings somehow were suddenly broken, and she fell on the river bank.

The bird was scarred. But she still kept crawling. Night fell, and the bird could not crawl any more. She quietly lay on the shore, gradually closed his eyes. In vague ways, she seemed to return to the once upon a time, she and her friends flied free, played games with the fish and shrimp in the rive and build nest in the woods…

This is an article I have ever read. Seeing here, I felt great. If the human beings do not excessively cut down trees, and pay attention to ecological balance, and give the birds a warm home, the above scene would not occur. Thus, I think we don't know how to save. As long as we save and do not waste from every little bit, we can live a comfortable life with low carbon. And the birds also have their homes. So I think it is necessary to propagate energy saving and emission reduction. It not only let people understand the meaning of life, but also connect the low carbon and environmental protection and the life of people together, let people know that low carbon is closely linked with the quality of life. So we choose the low carbon as the research subject.

In recent years, low carbon life is popular in daily life. However, most of people do not know it and how to do. I think low carbon is around us. There are a great changes of environment around us, including deforestation, bad weather, and air pollution. Whenever I saw the natural disaster reported by TV in all over the world, my heart was shocked, as if I saw the nature was revenge for human being’s destruction. So, I initiate low carbon life, and practice it from every little bit!

In the morning of October 21, 2012, it is sunny. We made an investigation along the coast of Yellow River and around the dustbins. In the investigation, we learned a lot of knowledge, and found some problems needed to resolve.

In the investigation process, we harvested a lot, also found some problems:There are more and more garbage on lawn, which influences the growth of grass. The original vibrant grass is at last gasp. At the same time, the bad smell from the garbage disturbed our quiet life. People are no longer in it to enjoy the cool, but are far away from it. It is hard to see dragonflies and butterflies. It seriously destroyed the ecological environment along the coast of the Yellow River. What is worse, along the coast of Yellow River, this phenomenon is more and more serious. How can we watch that the lawn was gradually swallowed up by garbage? Do we need to get on and do it?

Due to the people’s weak environmental protection consciousness, garbage is often threw everywhere. Garbage is everywhere in the lawn and around dustbins, such as smack-box, plastic bags, bottle, foam, even some dead bodies of poultry livestock. The lawn is no longer beauty, and the smell is worse and worse. When the people clean themselves, they leave the dirt to the lawn. How immoral it is! As if we have heard it in sadly cry.

So let's act together. Low carbon, here we come!  

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