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   Low carbon life -- we are on the way.       

                                  Low-carbon as we know it                                                             


★★   The meaning of a low-carbon  ★★

 ConceptLow-carbon life means that we try our best to reduce the energy consumption in daily life, thus reducing the emission of carbon, especially carbon dioxide, and reducing air pollution and reliving the ecological deterioration. We mainly practice it from electricity saving and gas saving, and recycle in our daily lives.

ImplicationLow-carbon life means to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide, protect the earth and environment, in other words, to live with low energy, low consumption, and low cost. We try our best to save energy and reduce the emission on the premise of not reducing the quality of life. Energy saving and emission reduction is not only the catchword in today’s world, but also the strategic choice that concerns the future of human being. It is significant that we raise the awareness of energy saving and emission reduction, and change old life-style and consumption custom for reducing the global emission of greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide. Low-carbon life can save energy and protect the environment, and is conducive to speed reduction of global warming and environmental deterioration, so it is imperative. To pursue the healthy life, we must live with low fat, low salt, low sugar, and low carbon. Reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and choosing low-carbon life is the responsibility of citizens.


★★  People’s option of low-carbon  ★★

 Low-carbon life, for those of us ordinary people is an attitude to life. We should positively promote and practice it from the four aspects of electricity saving, water saving, oil saving, and gas saving. To practice the low-carbon life, some one plant trees, buy the goods with short transport mileage, and climb stairs. People who are concerned about the global warming practice the carbon dioxide reduction in daily life. Low-carbon life tells us what you can do for the carbon reduction. Along with the rise of low-carbon life, people start to think that what I do for the carbon reduction today.


★★  How to lead a low-carbon life?    ★★

    Convenience is a popular value in modern business marketing and life of consumption. Quiet a few convenience consumption styles inadvertently let the people waste a large amount of energy. For example, according to the cooling expert’s estimation, 70 percent of power of supermarket is used by refrigerator. The power consumption of open-style refrigerator is 20 percent higher than glass-door refrigerator. Calculating from this, annually open-style refrigerators for a middle-sized supermarket in Shanghai consume more about 48,000 kilowatt hours, which is equivalent of about 19 tons of coal, or 48 tons of carbon dioxide, or about 190,000 litres of water. In Shanghai, there are about 800 large and medium-size supermarkets and 6,000 convenience stores. If large and medium-size supermarkets generally use glass-door refrigerators, the annual saved electricity is about 45,210,000 kilowatt hours, which is equivalent of 18,000 tons of coal, or 45,000 tons of carbon dioxide. In China, the annual emission of carbon dioxide per capita is 2.7 tons. If a white-collar’s living area is only 40 square meters, commutes by a car of 1.6 litres, travels by plan 12 times annually, the emission of carbon is still 2,611 kilograms. In view of this, energy saving and emission reduction is necessary for us. Low-carbon life is a green way of life that we need more urgently if ecological ideas like the protection of environment and animals and energy conservation have become our code of conduct.


★★What is government doing about low-carbon? ★★

 On the internet, we almost see the words of low carbon everywhere, such as low-carbon society, low-carbon city, low-carbon supermarket, low-carbon campus, low-carbon communication, low-carbon and environment protection, and low-carbon community, etc. Low carbon has become a popular word. To better solid promote low-carbon economy, reach the standard of emission reduction put forward by the Central Party and the State Department, and make low-carbon economy become the promotion of sustainable development, the State Department brings it into the Twelfth Five-year Plan. The aim is to realize the emission of carbon dioxide per unit of domestic gross product cuts 40 percent to 45 percent below 2002 by 2020, which is a deepest commitment but also a heavy responsibility. We should formulate the relevant policies to ensure the healthy development of low-carbon economy, and do well the relation between “one do” and “three preventions”, “one do” means to do a good job of low-carbon economy construction, “one do” means to prevent running into mass action, arbitrarily setting up new projects, and wasting. It is the historical experience and lessons. All levels of government, all industries, and society must keep a cool head, and have a clear idea, keep cognitive consonance and keep a united front at beginning, and do a good job in publicity and education, and supervision by public opinion.


★★   The role of low-carbon  ★★

 Its biggest role is energy saving and environment protection


★★  The significance of low-carbon  ★★

Low-carbon life is a healthy, natural, and safe way with low cost. Low carbon is not only the behavior of industry, but also the living way that keeps up with the current of time. Along with the rapid development of global industrial economy, the emission of greenhouse gases increases, the global climate is warming, and natural disaster occurs frequently. To control the global warming, on the meeting about global climate held in Copenhagen, it put forward the limit of emission of carbon dioxide, and the word of low carbon is put forward again. At present, it has become the focus that how to reduce the carbon emission. The Prime Minister Wen Jiabao said that it is the common mission of human beings to curb the global warming and save our planet. We should positively practice low-carbon life to create a green tomorrow.

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