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Design idea

  According to the special geographical construction of Laxiwa, northwest Hydropower Design Institute designers used super high and thin arch dam. Dam is 250 meters high, and the bottom is only 49 meters wide. Thick and high proportion is 0.196, lower than the national standard of 0.2, belong to the thin dam. This dam brought many problems to the construction, through continuous research, the builders decided to change the past plane excavation way and take anti arch excavation, it was the first one in the country. Now, the dam has nearly 50 meters high. The dam minimizes the gravity dam of large amount of excavation, a large amount of concrete defects, greatly reduced the cost. In Laxiwa, independent innovation is reflected in every cave support, hillside stabilization, voltage of 750000 volts, the diversion tunnel excavation etc..

Constructive purpose

Laxiwa Hydropower Station is the largest hydropower project on the Yellow River Valley, which has the largest amount of energy and good economic benefit. After the power station is completed, it is mainly responsible for the northwest power grid peak shaving and emergency standby, and it plays an irreplaceable role on the Northwest Power Grid 750KV and the implementation of the northwest power grid to the North China power grid transmission. It is not only the main power of "the power transmission from west to East", but also the strategic project to transport the power of northwest to the North China Power grid.

According to incomplete statistics, in the four years, the hydropower station had saved 0.28 billion Yuan only in the design optimization and engineering optimization.

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