Laxiwa hydropower station






  Laxiwa Hydropower Station is located in the branch of Yellow River which is at the junction of Guide province and Qinghai County, it is the second cascade hydropower station which is immediately after the Longyangxia hydropower station from Longyangxia which is on the upper reaches of the Yellow River river to Qingtongxia which is being planned large and medium-sized hydropower stations. The highest dam of Laxiwa Hydropower Station is 250 meters, water level elevation is 2370 meters, the normal water level elevation is 2452 meters, the total capacity is1.05 billion cubic meters, the total installed capacity is 4200 thousand kilowatts, multi-year average generating capacity is 10.223 billion kwh, the dynamic investment is 14.986 billion yuan. Power station closed in 2004, began to dug dam, the current dam is in the height of 2390 meters, and it has had water storage conditions.


There are 6 generating units of Laxiwa Hydropower Station, each one is 700 thousand kilowatts, a total installed capacity is 4.2 million kwh. Power regulating capacity is 0.15 billion cubic meters. The upper reaches of the the Yellow River Hydropower Development Company Limited is responsible for the construction and management of Laxiwa Hydropower Station. Power station will implement river closure in early 2004, abutment excavation was begun in September, in October 2008, the current dam was in the height of 2390 meters. In April 15th, 2009, the first wholesale electric power generation unit was working smoothly, before May 18th, two generating units were working smoothly.

Excavation is equivalent of engraving, pouring is equivalent of sculpture

The underground caverns of Laxiwa Hydropower Station are arranged in a crisscross pattern, various tunnels are a total length of about 40 km; the underground factory building is 311.75 meters long, top width is 30 meters, crane rails are 27.09 meters wide, the excavation height is 74.84 meters, the total rock excavation is about 700000 cubic meters; concrete hyperbolic arch dam is 250 meters, crest center is 459.64 meters long, the amount of concrete pouring is up to 2580000 cubic meters; 250 meters drop line is the highest in the world. In the complex geology and dangerous environment, the builders in Laxiwa Hydropower Station created a miracle with a high sense of responsibility and sense of mission.

Passing the dam hole excavation created traffic weekly schedule of 50.5 meters, the highest record monthly schedule is 188.8 meters, which is ahead of more than 7 days; excavation drop is up to 220 meters, completed 23 days ahead of time; experts asserted to complete the section of 250 square meters in a year, a total length of 1400 meters of large-scale diversion tunnel was opened with only 7 months...


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