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Project overview

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Category: Environmental Awareness and Issues

Description of “Our Community”
Guide county is located in the transition zone of the Loess Plateau and the Qinghai Tibet plateau. Laxiwa Hydropower Station is located in the branch of Yellow River which is at the junction of Guide province and Qinghai County, it is the second cascade hydropower station which is immediately after the Longyangxia hydropower station from Longyangxia which is on the upper reaches of the Yellow River river to Qingtongxia which is being planned large and medium-sized hydropower stations. It is 32.8KM from Longyangxia power station on the upstream, 73KM from Lijiaxia Hydropower Station on the downstream, Xining City, 134KM from Xining City, Qinghai province highway, 25KM from Guide County in lower reaches, the external transport is conveniently.


Summary of Our Project
The installed capacity of Laxiwa Hydropower Station is 420KW, it is the largest hydropower project on the Yellow River Valley, which has the largest amount of energy and good economic benefit. It is not only the main power of "the power transmission from west to East", but also the strategic project to transport the power of northwest to the North China Power grid. After the power station is completed, it is mainly responsible for the northwest power grid peak shaving and emergency standby, and it plays an irreplaceable role on the Northwest Power Grid 750KV and the implementation of the northwest power grid to the North China power grid transmission.


Our Computer and Internet Access
The campus networks are under construction. We use dial up for our connection, the internet speed is 2M, and only one or a few computers access internet.

While collecting information and making Webpage, we encountered many difficulties. In order to understand the Longyangxia field survey, take a good photo, we walked to visit the Laxiwa Hydropower Station Reservoir, dam and generating units, this time we spent a whole day to search, climbed the hill, went to the underground, visited every corner of Laxiwa Hydropower Station. We felt very hard at that time, however, the engineer who led us told a lot of knowledge and the construction of the dam for us so that our visit course was full of a lot of harvest and happiness. The classmates all said that we not only enjoyed the beauty of nature, felt the human wisdom, but also learned a lot of knowledge outside the textbooks through this activity.
In addition, we must study hard while completed our work. After all, we are now in grade 8, it is very important for us this year, the learning task is heavier than primary school, so teachers can only take us out in the weekend time. Through the teacher’s training, we finished the webpage on Sunday at home, we would ask the teacher through the telephone if we have any question; our tutor was busy with work, the teacher accompanied and guided us in the whole process, so they were very hard, we would like to thank them.
It was very hard in the process of collecting material, but we benefited a lot, understood the role of Qinghai Guide Longyangxia hydropower station. Through the social participation and scientific management, we achieve the goal of protecting ecological environment and the way to sustainable development. So we want to protect her. Although we had some trouble along the way, we learn a lot outside of books.

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