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Project elements



Project elements


Laxiwa Hydropower Station, the largest hydropower project on the Yellow River Valley, which has the largest amount of energy and good economic benefit. After the power station is completed, it is mainly responsible for the northwest power grid peak shaving and emergency standby, it plays an irreplaceable role on the Northwest Power Grid 750KV and the implementation of the northwest power grid to the North China power grid transmission. Our purpose to choose Laxiwa Hydropower Station is to let more people pay attention to power plant and hydroelectric power station we are closely related. At the same time, in our visiting and production process, we encourage and communicate with each other, not only enhanced the friendship, but also enhanced the team spirit. Let the students have a more in-depth understanding for the great project around us, let them know the person and the natural harmony. Based on this point, we chose the local environment as the theme, aims to introduce the Guide hydropower resources, at the same time, to love nature, protect nature, cherish and use resources rationally, realize the harmonious coexistence of people and nature.

Information tools & technologies we used

Hardware: computer, digital camera

Software: Photoshop, Microsoft Word, ACDSee, Flash, QQ

Internet: CISS, Email, BBS, FTP

Helpers and volunteers in our project

   1, We got a lot of support from school leaders by providing us vehicle, and our teachers to helped us to contact research partner.

2, 3 teachers instructed us how to plan for interview and gave us a lot of advice.

   3,People from Lawaxi hydropower station helped us much to gather information about hydropower station.

Summary of Our Project

Through this project research, let the students know more about the construction of hydropower and clean energy. The students are willing to participate in this activity. And the students made propaganda in schools led more students to understand the nature, love nature, protect and cherish local natural resources. Let us know more about the Guide hydropower development prospect and hope, let more people know about Guide's future. Through this activity, it not only trained the spirit of solidarity, but also cultivated our self-confidence and sense of pride.


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