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Road line

  The mountain is not straight and there are more than 70 relay stations. Border in the Ma'an Mountain's top, There are more than 50 relay stations with no sign, just with the name: Gaojiadian,Kejiadian,Lijiadian. The keepers are always the lady called proprietress.The pot are big and small.Many of the relay stations were a tile-roofed house, also has the minority cogon grass thatched roofed hut (black bamboo coping, bark coping).Inn size by pot.Big ones has eight or nine pots like as Weijia Stop in Dahegou,Lijia Stop in Ridi, small has one or two pots. The big ones may receive more than 100 Carries every day.Most of the relay stations are the small relay stations in Tianquan, Most of the big relay stations are on Kangting's main road.
All the accommodation:
    Eating: supply the firewood, and vegetable. The main dish is the bean and water.
    Sleep: the room is through, with the bench each side, the sleep on the floor is named liantian bed, and the light is by oil.
     Living: 1-3 Jiao every day,a bowl of vegetables paid 5 Fen.It differs from dishes. All the keeper are fair. Some of them is not good.

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A small relay stations Sleeping in a relay stations The former site of Changhe station Zishi Stations's new-looking
Situation which the Carries stays at an inn
    If you think all the shop with the dishes and bed, you must be wrong. Some time you have to sleep hard and eat the soup. Louse attacking you when you have a sleep. But all the workers there enjoy their life.
Relay station

Beautiful scene