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Dujiangyan bamboo cages is a website made by Pulan Team of Puyang Middle School for 2008 Cyber Fair.
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    Lying west to the Dujiangyan city, the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project is famous as the treasure of Sichuan Province. Constructed more than 2200 years ago, under the leadership of governor Li Bing and his son, the Dujiangyan irrigation project was the world's oldest and only damless project that is still functioning. It represents ancient China's superb science and technology and is a milestone in the world's water harnessing and irrigation history. Dujiangyan city, named after the world famous irrigation system - Dujiangyan, is renowned as the "Origin of Abundant Land". Dujiangyan is rich in both natural and cultural resources such as the Dujiangyan irrigation project, Longchi National Forest Park and the famous mountain - Qingcheng Mountain which is the birthplace of Taoism, as well as a lot of modern entertaining facilities. Dujiangyan City has also superior advantages in location which is only 48km away from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province. And the national way No.213 goes across the city, which is the only way from Chengdu to Huanglong or Jiuzhaigou.
Written by: Fan Mengling and Xiao Yusi
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