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°∑°∑°∑The deadline of research£ļNovember 20, 2008

°∑°∑°∑School: Puyang Town Middle School, Dujiangyan City, Sichuan

°∑°∑°∑Classes to which team members belong: Class 1 to 8 which will graduate in 2009


°∑°∑°∑Numbers of Members: 5

°∑°∑°∑Age: 12 ®C 14 years old

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°—Personality shining
Actively save oneself°∑°∑
°—Actively save oneself
°—Taking the tent as the home
°—Overcoming the hardness
Keeping after the earthquake°∑°∑
°—Social support
°—Rebuilding the homeland
°—Now and future
True feeling°∑°∑
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°—Relevant Information
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School: Puyang Town Middle School, Dujiangyan City, Sichuan
Our Team
Guide Teacher: Gao Yong Team Members: Xiaoyusi Wang Lu Dong Ting Shilijia
We are together
Facing this disaster, puyang middle school use the high quality to resist the disaster and save the figure of the teacher.
°Ú2008-2009 We are together is a website made by Pulan Team of Puyang Middle School for 2009 Cyber Fair