0Thematic elements on research projects


1.Combination of our research and the school courses
    Our topic is mainly the Mansion of Family Li, as well as its history and some interesting stories about it with the combination of several courses such as history, geography, humanities and computer. We aim to show the value of the ancient style architecture and its role in promoting the local economy. In the process of this activity, our team members encourage and communicate with each other, which not only enhances our relationships, but also strengthens the teamwork, and improves our abilities.
2.Thematic research projects by the use of IT
Hardware:Computer;Digital cameras;MP4;Scanner
Computer Software:Web editing software Dreamweaver ,Photo-processing software Photoshop Photoshop、CorelDraw,Text Editing Software Microsoft Word ,Mail Outlook express ,Web browser IE ,Photos View / reduction software ACDsee,Uploading and downloading software CutFxp ,QQ 。



Digital camerasDigital cameras

Digital camerasDigital cameras


Computer Software

Web editing software Dreamweaver

Photo-processing software Photoshop CorelDraw

Text Editing Software Microsoft Word

Email Outlook express

Web browser IE

Photos View / reduction software ACDsee

Uploading and downloading software CutFxp

FTP sever


3、Special Explanation on Our Research
    The whole content of our web (including words and pictures) is all collected, taken and sorted out by our team members.

        Historical Materials of Qionglai, Committee of Historical Materials of Qionglai.
        Qionglai: Ancient Town of Sichuan, Sichuan University Press.