Zhaohua Ancient Town

  It is at the town of the guangyuan city yuanba district zhaohua town, with its ancient name as xiameng guan. It has long history and talent people. In 316BC, there is one battle between the qin country and shu country. Since qin is coming, it has set up the first counties, xiameng county is one of them, and renamed as hanshou , jinshou, yichang and then the shaohua county .
  At the connection fo jailing, bailong river. And also the important barrier it is concevient for the traffic. Thousand and hundred years, many important war occurred here, many important issue once happens here with many important people.
  Another important stop is proving the accommodation for the passing officials. Now zhaohua town has build on stone tomb. In three kingdoms, zhaohua city are also very famous for its many war mentioned in the book. Zhangfei fight with the mazhao; huangzhong, yanyan fighting with the cao troop, jiangwei failure in the niutoushan, the death and buried in zhaohua of feiwei.

  Zhaohua city is only 30 kilometers away from the guangyuan and 25 kilometers away from the jianmenguan. By the mianguang highway, it only is 6kilometers if out at the zhaohau gate.
   Zhaohua city is the barrier of north Sichuan , which is the famous battle site, the place of all dynasty fighting for. It has more than 2000 years, with the ancient name” xiameng guan” right now, it still has the stone of sanguozhongzhen and guxiameng guan.
   At the east city 1 kilometers, it has the jibaidu at guyaojin. Which is the place the learned song for, in which dufu, yangshen, zhangxiangtao once been here.
   When talking about the zhaohua, guangyuan has the saying that: when coming to zhaohua, no thinking of parents. It means that the girls here are very beautiful. Now the zhaohua is no need the tickets for entrance.


Wonder of the world- Jade Cloud Corridor

   It is popularly named as huangbai avenue with the saying of “ hundred thousands of the trees in 300 li” with the current ancient trees 8000. it is said that the shu commanders zhangfei once be here, owing to hard to identify the road, he asks the soldiers to open the road, which may leave the story of zhangfei bai. And remaining the old shade of the yidao. Its ancient style

  remains with the harvest and ancient trees, just like one green corridor, constitute the Jade Cloud Corridor wonder. The people sing for it: huanhou green tree standing for thousand years, living as a wall for seven zigzag flag.
   Centered by jiange county, it covers langzhong in east, zitong in west, zhaohua in north. It likes the green dragon, along with the mountains and rivers winding on the jiange ancient yidao. Its significance and green figure, was the target all the visitors singing for and possess the visitors. Qiaobo, the poet in qing dynasty: jianmen road, is laying the stones and no ideas who plant the ancient trees, 10000 trees in 300 km. Jade Cloud Corridor, around by the ancient smoke. it drizzles make the cloth wet and make the leaves withered. No stones can sleep, leave all sleeping. Winding road is most hard in jianmen. Since then, cuiyuanlang is the another graceful name of jianmen lubai.
   Jade Cloud Corridor is between jianmenguan and jiange ancient city. 8000 meters away from the jianmen, and become the 4A standard site with all the appliance.


Jiange Ancient City

  Centered by drum tower, it has the guchenghuan and arrow tower and xuegong site. It is standing at the center of ancient city, covering 115 square meters with the height of 15.96 meters and 3.5meters at the very top and 3.6 inheight

for both layers. The craved door and windows at around, the roof is with the tiles and animla at the range of the house. It was listed as the relic of province. jiange guchenghuan, building at the liusong dynasty, reach the scale in tang dynasty and in ming, it has been reformed and rebuilt for three times. Guchenghuan is coated with the stone slice and mud inside and decorates by the bricks with 1852 total length, 8 meters in height, 7 in density, significantly. The only standing south gate and south gate are with 467 meters at the both side are 467 ,meters. With the arrow tower at the both the city gate, it has been built at the ming dynasty and many reformation.
   South gate of arrow tower: its total area are in 58 square meters and 7.5 meters in height, with two layers. Under the tower, there is arch city gate, 3.5 meters in height, 3.4 meters in width and 4.5 meters in depth. There are two gates with the nails with 10cm density. The bigger one are the ancient building. Start building at song dynasty, shaoxi first year, longqingfu rebuild and ruined at the end of yuan dynasty. Ming hongwu 5 th year, rebuild and enlarge the building. Qing dynasty it rebuild, kangxi period, it build. Xuegong consists fo lingxingmen, banchi, jiman, zhengdian , dongwu, xiwu, donggulou , xigulou, mingxici, and qishengwangci. There are zunjingge, jingyiting, at the west ; mingluntang, xuezhengxie, xundaoxie, kuixinlou and ruxuemen at the east, all to be a big building gang.


Wulian Jueyuan Temple

  Jueyuan temple, locates at the wulian town jiange county at the Sichuan province, 43 kilometers away from jiange city, facing xihe river.
   Jueyuan temple are built at wulian town jiange county in Sichuan province, with the name of hongji temple. Songyuanfeng year, it has the name of jueyuan temple. At the end of yuan dynasty parts were ruined, and rebuilt by jingzhi and daifang when they come at min tianshun early year(1457) by painting <Buddha script> with the name of puji temple; qing dynasty kangxi early year(1662) the hall was rebuilt and resume the name of jueyuan temple.
   Right now jueyuan temple are with three layers hall and the side hall. With the daxiong hall as its main body, tianwang hall is in front, guanyinhall is at behind with the layers goes further in total area of 1957 suare kilometers. The temples is sitting at the north and facing to the south.
   At its walls in 3.5 meters within the daxiong hall, it paints <Buddha Story>, each of them are titled with four words and the figure of jingzhi and daofang at that year. In total 170 square meters, it is painted by the popular artists at the rebuilding of ming dynasty yingzong tianshun early years(1457).

   Jueyuan temple wall pictures belong the wudaozi style and the local characters. The framework of it are very close, and continuous. Every pictures are connected by the mountains, rivers, clouds, trees, and houses with the interesting and typical cartoon quality. The art are very complicated and beautiful color. In the painting, it adopted the describe, with fully crave the facial expression and feeling. The complicated wall paper can be listed as the elite. Since the ancient time, many learned people visit the juyuantemple to enjoy the pictures .
   In 1986-5, the famous painter shaoyu sigh that skill is high but is the best one I saw. It is above the works fo qiuying and tangyan. If the painter is form folk, that is also the master with rich experience. The famous photographers visits the wall pictures, titled “shudaomingzhu”. in 1985 hongkong business chairman, wangkuanqing donate 700000 for its resuming to protect the wall picture. The provincial relic protection committee once set up the files of the specialist by adopting the resume the crack and save the dangerous and saving the original pictures.
   In 2001-6-25, it has been listed as the ming dynasty ancient building, and the fifth key relic protection list by the state council.

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Guangyuan Huangze Temple

  Huangze temple is wuzetian temple, the only emperess in chinese history. It is at the bank of jialingriver of western guanyuan city, listed in the national key relic protection. Huangze temple stored moya cave has high artistic value. It has 6 big caves, 50 caves and 1203 corpse. Craved at the end of north dynasty, ended in qing dynasty , it has long history and complicated artworks.
   Huangze temple still has zetianhall, zhongxin zhu cave, dago lou, xiaonanhai, lvzuge, wufoting, wangjianglou, newly-built nvhuang shanzhuang, song dynasty tomb craved wall ,red army marching craved slogan and the other site.
   Wuzetian was born in guangyuan, can be proved by : “guangzhengbei” and by <lizhou jiangtan –jinlunganyunsuo> by lishangyin, also by the landmark stone < zetianbabaishali> . one legend said that: wuzetian's father, wuzhique, was in the office of lizhou, in double five festival, he, with his wife, watch the dragon match in the noon . It is sunny but into cloudy and lightening and thundering. One dragon fly from the sea, rushing the wuzhou boat. Ms. Yang was scared and pregnant. And then that dragon fly up to the sky. At the 23 rd 1 st year, yang gave the birth of a girl, that is wuzetian. It is said that her mother see oen colorful phoenix flying to dongshan mountain. So in folk xishan was renamed as dragon mountain, while dong shan was renamed as “ phpenix mountain”, which means the luck.
   dragon mountain: is near the huangze temple with the area of 3.8 square thousand meters. It is said that wuzetian's mother

was scared to give the birth. So its name is coming. It is very steep in northeast and plain in southwest. On the mountain, it is green and vegetable is good. The top is plain which is amusement park. Phoenix mountain and tower: is located at the center of guangyuan city, which is built into the comprehensive park for leisure time. With 9.6 hectare ,it has boxuan, xiangxuan,hujingting, baofengyeyue, fenghuagnlou and other swimming pool, amusement park, shooting ground. Phoenix tower is built in 1989 with the height of 42 meters, 14 layers, combining with the Phoenix mountain, like one looking back. Every layer has its own looking terrace, when in the night, all the light makes it like a shining phoenix. Guangyuan phoenix tower is unique and significant. Zetianba: the main place of wuzetian play, is located at the development zone of guangyuan city.

Sichuan province jiange county xiasi primary school in 2007
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