-> Title: Scripture Crag for Happiness

-> Date that project was finished: 11/16/2012

-> School: Sichuan Cangxi Vocational high school

-> Principal:Liu Hanjie

-> Address: Cangxi County, Sichuan Province

-> Teachers: Ma Hongkai

-> Students:Ma Xu,Deng Xing, Yang Huan

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Work program

Ma Xu、Deng Xing、Yang Huan

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Ma Xu、Deng Xing、Yang Huan

Pay a visit

Ma Xu、Deng Xing、Yang Huan

Edit, modify, and arrange data

Ma Xu、Deng Xing

Images arrangement and audio processing

Ma Xu、Deng Xing

Modify webpage

Ma Xu

Integrate data on our search result webpages

Ma Xu、Deng Xing、Yang Huan

Further modify webpages

Ma Xu、Deng Xing、Yang Huan

-> Age:16-17岁

-> E-mail:cxmhk@sina.com

-> Slogan: Find happiness in book, watch the scenery on the rock

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   Sichuan Cangxi Vocational high school       Email:cxmhk@sina.com