Nuoshui river scenic zone Introduction

Nuoshui river national scenic area is located in Tongjiang County northeastern Sichuan, 35 kilometers from east to west and 18 kilometers from north to south, covering an area of 457 square kilometers, with an elevation of 500 meters to 2088.6 meters. It is close to Hanzhoung Shaanxi, connected with the "Jianmenshudao ".

The entire area is consisted of "Nuoshuidongtian", "Linjiang Lixia", "Kongshantianpen" three big independent scenic spots. There are about more than 300 underground caves can be visited in the scenic area. Nuoshui River National Scenic Area has a strong folk culture, and famous Bashan folk culture museum is located in here.

Scenic area of about more than 300 for the visit to the underground cave, " Connaught water cave " concentration 128, wherein, the can swim in the area of 20000 square meters above the cave is more than 40. Can be said that the mountains have holes, holes have holes. These holes, or stream, or cliff, some to be creeping in, some want to dive into the cave landscape, maintained the original style. Among them, the Lion Peak hole hole hole, building, Longhu cave, cave Song Jia Dong has representative; " Linjiang Li Xia " scenic Canyon is dendritic, lush trees, many plants and animals, known as the " Ten Mile gorge ", the scenic area has not yet developed; " the day basin " scenic spot is a national Forest Park, karst landform, dense unique scenic areas within the forest and the battle site com. Connaught river national scenic area is not only charming natural scenery, but also is the birthplace of Ba culture and one of the Fourth Red Army long fought, and accumulated a rich folk culture, famous Bashan folk culture museum is located in the.