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1、the text of Webpage is gotten through our interview, but we got the information about exhibition hall, the individual words of the attractions from"the hometown of Zhude in Yilong - recommended materials of Linlang mountain", "recommended video and music in Zhu De hometown,the net of Zhu De hometown and baidu.

2、in order to clearly show part of the landscape, we used the HD pictures which was provided by the administration in former residence of Zhu De when the hall, cultural landscape and the natural landscape are introduced.

3、in order to demonstrate the magic of natural landscapeintuitively, a part of aerial maps are provided by the former residence of Zhu De administration, the other parts are gotten from "2014 Yilong Promo".

4、the pictures about old and new Yinglong are gotten from Baidu in the "new local description”.

5、the rest of the contents are written by ourselves.

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