The Town and Talent Project was initiated by Mr. Sayling Wen in 2001. Motivated by altruism and humanitarian concern for Chinese people in the poor western region of China, the project aims to narrow the gap between the wealthier eastern and poorer western regions by using Internet technologies to help local schools and businesses. Believing that "charity deeds would eventually lead to business opportunities," the company has actively pursued philanthropy as part of its core business practice. Focusing most of its efforts in the western part of China, a key part of Town and Talent’s corporate philanthropy includes an e-charity platform that provides Internet skills and training to students and teachers at over 150 schools. On the business side, the company offers an Internet-based "$100 SaaS" (Software as a Service) product for small and medium-sized businesses in their OA, CRM, ERP, and SCM applications. Town and Talent helps create job opportunities for students and teachers who participate in the Town and Talent Project while helping businesses and alleviating the cycle of poverty in the more rural areas of China. If you would like to aid Town and Talent in its efforts to help poor students continue their schooling so that they may have a chance to learn Internet skills and break the cycle of poverty in their rural village, please consider making a donation by following the instructions below.

The Town and Talent e-charity platform is completely Internet-based. Thus, the entire donation process is transparent – you can even email the students that will benefit from your donation!
Your donation of $180 per year will support students directly. The money will be used to pay for the costs of room, board, and school supplies. If making a donation through Give2Asia, a transaction fee will be charged by 9.85%.
  Students receiving financial aid will send thank you notes to donors and will publish at least 8 stories during the school year on
Online Donation
If you pay taxes in the United States, your contribution through our partner Give2Asia is tax deductible.Details
If you cannot donate online, please email us or leave us messages

If you have made a contribution, please email us so that we can work with you in finding the right students that you would like to support.

“West China Story,” was initiated by Mr. Ted Wen, a director of Town and Talent Technologies (China) Co., Ltd (TTT), at the beginning of 2007. This project encourages students to learn Internet web design skills by supporting them in their efforts to write stories about the customs, people, sights, and sounds in their hometowns on In return, the participating students, the majority of whom come from poor families in the rural areas of western China, receive financial aid to continue their schooling.

  "How the West Was Wired" by James Fallows from The
This is a village in northwest China. Every day, the villages have to walk 20 kilometers to a well to fetch water. Water is so scare that many families store rain and snow for drinking.
Over the past three years, we have established more than fifty Internet bases in Yellow Sheep River and other underdeveloped areas in China including Shaanxi, Gansu, and Ningia Provinces.
This is a village in the northwest. Although the Internet cannot solve every one of their problems, it nevertheless serves as a very important door to the outside world. Now the door is open, so hope will come to them.

Student Age Story
Ningxia Wang Tao 14 16
Qinghai Ma Hai-qing 17 0
Ningxia Li Tao 17 0

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