Story1 -Write to Mayor
Story2 -Nobody Anywhere
Story3 -Awful Scene


Story1: Write To Mayor

Tianzhu County belongs to Wuwei City.
It was really out of our expectation that the mayor of Wuwei City reply a letter to us. To get more information about Huarui Tibetan culture, we tried to write to the mayor, since we know that he is also a Tibetan, and comes from Tianzhu County. He is also a scholar of Tibetan culture, has published a book named The Magic Tibetan Culture before. We not only got his reply but also got his new book Culture Under snow-capped mountain. We were quite excited and would pay more passion to study Tibetan culture.



Oct. 11th, 2006
Dear Mr. Zhao

We are students in Grade 9 in Westland Junior Middle School, Tianzhu County. In recent years, we've got many computers and even connected to the Internet. We touched a colorful world on the Internet that didn't know before.

We plan to participate in the competition of Cyber Fair 2007, hope that we could make effort to our culture. Although students from all over the world will take part in the competition, we are not worried. Huarui Tibetan culture is treasure for us, so we can get lots of material from it. We get much support from our teachers and we are very confident about it.

To collect more information, we go out to interview at rest time and weekend. But we still feel that there's not enough resource for us. We know that you write a book named Culture Under snow-capped mountain, we hope to borrow one from you, and wish you can help us.

Best Wishes!
Dang-zhi Niu, Shan Jian-lin, Zhanxue Wang, Gao Ji-li, San-jie Zhan




Oct. 16th, 2006
Dear Niu Dang-zhi,
I've got your letter. I'm very pleased to hear that you are studying Tibetan culture with the help of your teacher.
Send you a book of Culture Under snow-capped mountain, wish you and your classmates will read.

Yonghong Zhao


I was also excited to get the mayor's reply. Mr. Mayor is a learned Tibetan scholar, and he loves our ethnic culture very much.

It not only shows the courage that the children wrote to the mayor, but also teaches them that we can find the ways to solve problem with open mind. The encouragement of the mayor makes the children more passion and confidence to our project.

And I got the stronger feeling to 'Carry out the task of develop our own culture'.



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