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Story2 -Nobody Anywhere
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Story2: Nobody Anywhere

On Oct.25, as our planned, we would go to San-jie Zhang's home to make the investigation of Tibetan Costume. With the help of our teacher Mr. Pu, we borrowed two motorcycles. Jian-lin Shan and Mr. Pu drove motorcycles. It was the first time that I sat behind my classmate in a motorcycle, so I was a little worried, but the fact proved Shanlin's skill. With mountains' back off, we spent a long period of time to get to our destination - San-jie Zhang's home. ((By Niu Dang-zhi)

But what made me felt very embarrassed was that there was nobody in my home. And since I wasnot used to taking the key with me, I even could not enter to give a cup of tea to my teacher and classmates. I didn't where my parents were, maybe they went to pasture.

Mr. Pu didn't blame me, but took photos everywhere. He said, 'You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful place.'

If I talked to my parents in advance, it wouldn't like this. This made me understand that there always could be unexpected things happen. We should make good preparation; afterwards we can face it with confidence. (By Zhang San-jie)

It was a pity that there was nobody in San-jie's home. We have to make a decision quickly, or we'll waste time. Mr. Pu said that we could go to Shama Temple to have an interview, since last time we got not enough pictures. Everyone agreed and we marched to the temple.

But our road ended in front of a river. There were a lot of stones in front, so we could not drive motorcycle anymore. After we laid our motorcycles aside, we began to walk. The river prevented our walk, we took some time to look for a way, but could not find. I seemed that we had to make it with our hands. Everybody was busying on taking stones to make a 'bridge'. The work finished in 20 minutes. We felt quite happy with the small 'bridge', since it was the result of our cooperation. Isn't life like this? If we work together, we'll find there's no trouble that can not pass.

Afterwards we walked for a long time in road in mountains. We didn't feel tired. Mr. Pu kept talking jokes to us, and we arrived at the gate of the temple in laugh. (By Gao Ji-li)

After much hardship, we finally arrived at the temple, but we found there was no one in the temple. 'Nobody again!'. I didn't know who said this. But how can we go back without any result? So we wondered out of the temple, hope that we could find something. When passed the dormitory where the Lamas live, I suddenly saw some beautiful drawings on the wall. Although they were not obvious, I loved them very much.

We didn't need to find out who left these, they were the things we got out of expectation. (By Shan Jian-lin)


Teacher's Sound Bite
This is an experience meaningful. Although it seemed that we got nothing, in fact the children got so much inspiration: unite, making good preparation and observing carefullyˇ­ Teachers may talk about this in classroom for many times, but their own experience will make them a deep and real impression.

So I really found that we have learned much, and all this may affect them for a whole life.
And what I got is that believe your students. They are competent in fact.(By Pu Cheng)

There was nobody in San-jie's home, and she didn't take the key, we have to give up our plan to interview her parents for Tibetan Costume.
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