Story1 -Write to Mayor
Story2 -Nobody Anywhere
Story3 -Awful Scene


Story3: Awful Scene

Today's main task was to a brewery to interview, since wine plays an important role in Tibetan's life. But it was a pity that the gate of the brewery is locked, so we had to go back.
But since we didn't have much time to go out, we went to shops to collect some material. The owner of the shop was quite warm-hearted, and we took many photos.
We happened to meet a scene that a white yak was being killed. The scene was some little awful, I don't know if the picture is too bloody. But somehow it may not be a bad thing to let the children know the law of the nature.

(By Pu Cheng)

The gate of the brewery was locked, we had to change our plan to visit shops.


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