The Liupan Spirit

Located at the southernmost part of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region crossing the three counties of Guyuan, Longde and Jingyuan, Liupan Mountain runs from south to north for over 200km. Liupan Mountain has always been a place contested by all strategists and during the world-famous Long March, the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army led by Mao Zedong climbed successfully on this last high mountain in October 1935 with poem titled "Qingpingyue - Liupan Mountain" written down. Since then, the Liupan Mountain has become one of famous mountains in the modern revolution history of China. The poem was published on Huaihai Nespaper in 1942, Liberation Daily in 1949 and Poem Collection in 1957.

In 1959, the poem "Qingpingyue - Liupan Mountain" was rewriten by Chairman Mao, then carved on marble and hang on Ningxia Hall of Beijing People's Grant Hall. The whole poem was:
Mount Liupan
The sky is high, the clouds are pale,
We watch the wild geese vanish southward.
If we fail to reach the Great Wall we are not men,
We who have already measured twenty thousand li.
High on the crest of Mount Liupan
Red banners wave freely in the west wind.
Today we hold the long cord in our hands,
When shall we bind fast the Grey Dragon?

Since then, many copies of Chairman Mao's version of "Qingpingyue - Liupan Mountain" were hang in office and halls of government. The Liupan Spirit got famous in the whole world.


Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007