Our research route

This is our research route, in which the red heavy line is the Red Army's route in Liupan Mountain area. We just follower their route: Shanjiaji in Xiji County-Jiangtaibao(the place where three front armies met)-Malianchuan-Zhangyi Town-Liupan Mountain(museum, pavilion and poem-creating platform )-Yangjiadian in Longde County-Heshangpu in Yuanzhou District-Qingshizui(the foundation of first Red Army's cavalry regiment)-cave dwelling lived by Chairman Mao in Pengyang County. We have visited nearly all the Long March sites in Liupan Mountain area. Our route reaches more than 460km, covering three counties and one district in Guyuan City.

Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007