Located at the southernmost part of the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region crossing the three counties of Guyuan, Longde and Jingyuan, Liupan Mountain runs from south to north for over 200 km. It is indicated through an analysis of geological structure that this young mountain was formed 2—12 million years ago. Its ridges are more than 2,500 meters high above sea level and its main peak called Migang is up to 2,942 meters high above sea level. Liupan Mountain has always been a place contested by all strategists and during the world-famous Long March, the Chinese Workers' and Peasants' Red Army led by Mao Zedong climbed successfully on this last high mountain in October 1935 with poem titled "Qingpingyue - Liupan Mountain" written down. Since then, the Liupan Mountain has become one of famous mountains in the modern revolution history of China.

There’s more than 100km from Zhangyi Town to Liupan Mountain.

We three girls together began our journey by car. Passing Guyuan County, we saw a huge Muslim tomb on our way.
Tomb of Ahong(Muslim). We were approaching Liupan Mountain and the altitude was gradually increasing. We saw snow-capped on the top.
Notice: Be careful, it is a steep road. It is foggy today. Fortunately, there was no snow on the road.
Several piles of sands at the side of road attracted our attention. Our driver told us that those sands were used to avoid sliding in winter.
Look, what a narrow path.
It became a little sunny. We could see the Red Army’s Long March Memorial on the top of the mountain.
On the half mountainside, we entered the famous Liupan Mountain Tunnel. The street lamps had red light, twinkling like stars.
After about ten minutes’ drive, we reached the end of tunnel. In a moment, we felt very bright in the front. Then, we invited the head of the administration of Liupan Mountain Tunnel to introduce its basic situation.
Passing through Liupan Mountain Tunnel, there is only 7 km away from the mountain top.
In the past, when there was no tunnel, it was very difficult to climb on Liupan Mountain. We could imagine how the Red Army climbed on the mountain by feet in such a war period.
The road we passed. On our way, we met a worker fixing safeguard at the side of road. It was Jan 2-holiday. He gave up the rest and worked in such a cold day to ensure the traveler’s safety. We were deeply moved by his spirit. Did it Liupan Spirit?
We reached the top of Liupan Mountain. Beautiful Liupan



Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007