The 25th Red Armies in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region

The 25th Red Armies was founded in Nov, 1932. Because of Wangming's wrong policy, the whole troop had to leave for northwest. On Aug 15, 1935, they reached Hui area at the foot of Liupan Mountain.

Before entering Guyuan City, all the soldiers in the Red Armies learned the national minorities' policy. The military leaders had meeting with local Ahongs to propagandize the Party's policy. In the following three days, the Red Armies soldiers helped local people to clean the streets. Some military doctors gave medical treatment to patients. The Red Army also had to abide by the "Six Principles of the Red Army".
 Put back all doors when you leave a house
 Rice-stalk mattresses must all be bundled up again and returned
 Be polite. Help people when you can.
 Give back everything you borrow, even if it's only a needle.
 Pay for all things broken, even if only a chopstick.
 Don't help yourself or search for things when people are not in their houses.

At the end, more than ten Hui men decided to participate in this army. After the troop left Xinglong Town, they conquered Longde County seat and sent the war booty to poor people. In Aug 18, they fought against the enemies in Watingxia. In Aug 19, they marched to north of Shanxi Province.


Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007