Marching to the western China

In Sep, 1935, the Chairman Mao Ze-dong led the Red Armies to conquer Lazikou Pass. In the evening of Oct 5, they arrived at Shanjiaji. In the morning of next day, they left for Zhangyi Town. In the early morning of Oct 7, they passed Yingpin. At that night, they rested in Xiaochagou Village. Mao slept in Mr. Zhang's cave dwelling for one night. In Oct 8, they arrived in Zhenyuan County in Gansu Province.

In May, 1936, the central government commanded the First Division, 15 Division, and calvary of First Front Army to form the West Army. Peng De-huai was in charge of this troop. In May 19th, the troop was divided into left and right divisions to start marching to the western China. In Jun 20, they conquered Guyuan County. In Jul 17, they fought against the enemies at Yanjiagou, where 300 enemy soldiers were shot dead, 300 were captured and large amount of weapons were seized by the Red Army. In the middle of Aug, the vice chairman-Mr. Zhou En-lai sent Liu Pei-zhi to do political propganda in Northeast Army. In Sep 18, the head of Northeast Army and the 6th calvary signed agreement to stop wars in certain area.


Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007