Fifty kilometers to the south of Xiji, on a gravel road, lays the village Shanjiaji. It was the first stop of the Red Army leaving Gansu for Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in the Long March.

Today, we are going to visit this famous village in history. It is snowing. The villagers sweep a piece of ground for playing ping pong in front of gate, which was rarely seen in other villages.
After driving for hours, we arrive at the Red Army Square, which was built at the 70th anniversary of the Long March. All the expenditure was donated by local people. On the square, there are eight remarkable characters “人民救星伟大领袖” (means Chinese people’s great leader)in both China and Muslim, which shows Shanjiaji people’s great respect to Chairman Mao Ze-dong.
Next to us, children are skating on snow, whose happiness is just the reflection of our country’s development. Our photos.
Lamp with Muslim style. At the back, there is a mosque, which has been made famous by a visit of Mao Ze-dong.
Here, in the ahong’s quarters, next to the mosque, Mao Ze-dong slept on October fifth, 1936.
Soon after he left, on the next day, Kuomintang air planes dropped three bombs into the courtyard. Splinter holes can still be seen along the front of the house. Our thought quickly flies back to the war period.
The mosque is more than one hundred years, in which the door and windows are old and shabby. The arrangement of furniture is the same to the time of Chairman Mao’s visit.
It is the table on the bed where Mao chatted with Ahong. In the middle of the table, there is a kerosene lamp. The old lamp fixed with a modern electric bulb.
Next to the mosque, there is a small room, where Chairman Mao slept after chatting with Ahong at night. This was also the first night Mao lived in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.
The master of the old room-Mr. Bai Fu-gui introduces the situation of Mao living in his home to us proudly. The soil bed is where Mao slept. In order to sleep comfortably, Bai installed his door and put on the bed for Chairman Mao.
What's this? It is a pillow with local trait. This ordinary home seems different after living by Mao.

After our visit, we can feel the hardness of life in revolution period.

Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007