Qingshizui-where the Red Army's cavalry regiment was founded

We have heard of Qingshizui Victory in historical course. Today we came to the battle field, where the stories told by our teacher were recalled.

After arriving at the foot of Liupan Mountain, the vanguard reported to Chairman Mao that the enemy-KMT's cavalry were resting at Qingshizui and their horses were tied to trees. Mao immediately commanded three teams of Red Army's soldiers to attack the enemy surprisingly. As a result, the enemy cavalry were alarmed and confused. Some were shot while just riding on the horse; and some were caught before riding on the horse. At last, 200 enemy cavalries actively surrendered, more than one hundred horses and many other military objects were captured by the Red Army. This battle just lasted for half an hour.

After the battle, Chairman Mao distributed these horses to Linbiao and asked him to form the Red Army's first cavalry regiment.

The cross with Pengyang and Pingliang is Qingshizui.
Hill of the battle.
Nowadays, Yinping Road is still the important traffic from Guyuan County to Pingliang and Xi'an City. These are military objected captured in Qingshizui.
This is the Red Army’s cavalry regiment. The soldier in this picture is Chairman Mao’s guard-Chen Chan-feng, who was talking about Qingshizui Victory in 1976.

Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007