The cave dwelling in Mr Zhang's yard
Xiaochagou Village is 5km away from Qingshizui. In this small village, there are two caves dwelling ever lived by Chairman Mao in the Long March.
Entering Mr. Zhang's yard, there are two cave dwellings. The left one was ever lived by Mao after the Qingshizui Triumph in 1930s.
70 years later, the cave retreated more than 3m because of the wind and rain erosion.The shabby gate hasn't been not changed. We could imagine that in the Long March, the living condition of the Red Army was so hard. As for us, we are living in big house, however, we often complain about our life. We decide to tell our classmates what we have seen today.
The man who shows way to us-Mr. Wang firstly lights the candle on the table when entering the cave and kowtows three times to the portrait of Chairman Mao. We are shocked! Chinese people only kowtow to their parents or some gods, however, in their opinion, Mao is like their father, who has brought happy life to them.
The old woman in the picture is the hostess of the cave-Ms. Wang Yan-hua who was dead.
Her son-Mr. Zhang Xi-jun tells us that the local government ever gave them RMB 80,000 to move their house. However, his mother asked him to live here for generations and protect the cave that Chairman Mao ever lived in.
This black cabinet was used by Chairman Mao for writing instructions of documents. At the end of our interview, we take photo with local villagers.It is nearly dark and snowing harder.

Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007