Zhangyi Town
Zhangyi Town is 38km southwest away from Guyuan City. It's located at the junction of Yuanzhou District, Xiji County and Longde County. After our interview, we get to know that the Red Army ever passed through our village. What's more, Chairman Mao stayed at Yanguan in Zhangyi County for one night. As Zhangyiness, we feel quite proud. However, we feel ashamed because we might not know this history in our lifetime without our interview.
This is Zhangyi Town, in which the most remarkable buildings belong to our campus. In the past, our school buildings were one floor. Nowadays, all the buildings are rebuilt.
This is Baoziliang, opposite to our campus. It's the only road to climb up the Liupan Mountain for the Red Army. In 1930s, the vanguard occupied Baoziliang to protect other soldiers' climb on the mountain successfully. It's the closer picture of Zhangyi Fort, which is more than 100 years. Although it has been eroded by rain and wind, the main body still remains. The builders mixed sands and lime in the soil to construct the sturdy fort.
In the Long March, the Red Army led by Chairman Mao started from Maozhuang Village, passed Wangtao Village, Lianhuagou, Xiaoshuigou, and finally reached the top of the mountain. The whole journey was more than 30 li(15km). This is Yanguan, which on the southwest of Baoziliang. It's more than 40km away from Shanjiaji. On Oct 6, 1936, Chairman Mao led the Red Army starting from Shanjiaji and rested at Yanguan at night.
It is the Liupan Mountain. This is the northwest side of Baoziliang.

Red Liupan team, Zhangyi Middle School, Ningxia, China.2007