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   Low carbon life -- we are on the way     

    overcoming difficulties

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Problems We Had To Overcome

We had many difficulties in collecting material and making web pages. This theme of project is about low-carbon life, which is difficult to collect. At beginning, we searched the material on the Internet. However, we did not know about what low carbon is and why we do it. And we did not know where we should start from. Later our teacher interpreted it, and we decided to start from the trivial side. For collecting materials about low carbon, we went to interview and take photographs, such as interviewing teachers and students. Fortunately, the head teacher of our class very supported us to make web pages. When we first asked a leave for going out to collect materials, we were afraid of refuse and blame. However, our teacher allowed us at once. Our teacher said the class in afternoon was not important, and encouraged us to take part in more practical activities. Sometimes, we needed to go to computer room to organize materials at noon. It took up our time of individual study. So we missed some courses. So we seriously made web pages while studying. After all, the first year of junior high school is important. In addition, Li Laoshi, our instructor, was busy in work while instructing us in web page making. He was very laborious, which I herewith acknowledged with best thanks.

Although we met with some difficulties, we harvested a lot, opened our mind, and learned a lot of things that were not taught by textbooks.

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