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   Low carbon life -- we are on the way     


    Table of Research Contributions

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Participant Work item Percentage
Instructor Li Li 1.Calling team meeting 15%
2.Project research information collection and analysis
3.Project website instruction
4.Study out project and the title
5.Instruct us computer applications
Students Chang Meijing

Bai Xue

Ma Anlong

Zhou Xiaojian


1.Going to interview 70%
2.Taking photos
3.Keep a record of the conversation during interview
4.Edit and compose
5.Work out a program for this visit
6.Write a progress report and Collect information
Others need to thank Teacher Li xiaoying The coordination of project activities 15%

Teacher Liu Miao

Teacher Wang Haijun 
Providing vehicle
Members of the electronic office

Telling us on saving energy and protecting environment

Helping us with taking photos 

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