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品 味 茶 马 古 韵          传 承 中 华 文 化
Dan Geer, Tea-horse Commercial City
品 味 茶 马 古 韵          传 承 中 华 文 化
    Dan Geer is located in the north of the Yellow River, coast western of the ocean, the source of Huangshui, and 40 kilometers away from Xining (Capital city of Qinghai).
It is the place where Loess plateau and the Qinghai-Tibet plateau jointed together, farming culture and the grassland culture intersected ,ancient Road in Tang Dynasty and south silk road passed through , many peoples gathered, it is well-known as the “ the throat of Qinghai and Tibet”, “ Tea and horse Commercial City”, “Small Beijing” . Now, Dan Geer ancient city where is located at the intersection of Xining tourism circle and Qinghai Lake tourism circle, became the first station to the third pole of the world of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau platform and the Qinghai Tibet tourism.

  Unique geographical location and a hundred years of commercial trade created a colorful ethnic culture, make Dan Geer become a center of commercial, military, religious, folk and other multicultural city.

Dan Geer is also a cultural city with many folk arts like celebrity Poems、myths、legends、bank lights、paper cuts、folk art forms、sheepskin embroidery and some traditional folk cultural activities like "Huaer"、mountain congregation、temple fair、Confucius sacrifice and sea sacrifice left. And the ancient city left many famous poems, legends and discharge lamp, paper cutting, embroidery, sheepskin, folk arts, "flowers" fair, Chaoshan fair, temple fairs, religious ceremonies, Confucius ceremonies, sea Festival and other traditional folk cultural activities have added the profound cultural connotation for the city.
With the development of the times, trade center status had transferred, Dan Geer increasingly depressed. In order to establish a unique city scene, keep the ancient culture, to attract tourism investment, according to the "repair old as the old" principle, Huangyuan County carried out the work to repair the old city, the aim was to create a set of unique folk culture, food culture, Shang Yewen, military culture, religious culture and unique building art as one of the culture of the ancient capital and both catering accommodation, entertainment, tourism, trading function of Lake tourism destination, an important node of Xiadu Xining tourism circle and Qinghai Lake tourism circle, a platform to display farming culture and the grassland culture in the ancient city.
The Old Dan Geer is brilliant, and today's Dan Gar will still be full of infinite charm.