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品 味 茶 马 古 韵          传 承 中 华 文 化
Dan Geer, Tea-horse Commercial City
品 味 茶 马 古 韵          传 承 中 华 文 化


1、Date that project was finished: 11/29/2014

2、Title: Dan Geer, Tea-horse Commercial City?/font>

3、School: Qinghai province Huangyuan County Dahua Township center school

4、School leader: Zhang Bingzhu (Principal), Zhu Baoting(Vice principal)?/font>

5、School address: Lalakou Village, Dahua Township, Huangyuan County, Xining City, Qinghai

6、Teacher: Ma Dequan

7、Participating students: 10  Age: 14