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品 味 茶 马 古 韵          传 承 中 华 文 化
Dan Geer, Tea-horse Commercial City
品 味 茶 马 古 韵          传 承 中 华 文 化

Project narrative


2、Description of our community: Huangyuan Dan Geer, the ancient city built in Ming dynasty ( Hongwu Period),with a history of 600 years, is an important economic and cultural hub and holding an important military position in western China, and also a famous cities of historical culture. Following the "repair old as the old" principle, Huangyuan government has begun to develop and construct the ancient city protectively since 2007. The project which reappears the former trading center of tea and horses, based on   the protection of the original architecture, consists of tourism shopping area and divided into 3 big functions for cultural relic exhibit, shopping and food recreational. There are many buildings which have been repaired such as the gates, the Chenghuang Temple, the Dan Geer Office, the Confucius Temple, shops, other major attractions and more than 600 shops. Along the street, there are millstones, shadow puppet, the police, camel team and so on, to reflect characters and the scene of the local ethnic culture characteristics. There are colorful activities adding a rich cultural connotation for the city , such as row lamps , paper cutting, folk art , embroidered sheepskin , “the flowers”  assembly, the monastery assembly , the temple assembly , the law assembly , the worship Confucius, worship the sea and other folk art and folk culture .

3、Summary of Our Project: There were 10 students from grade seventh had joined in our team in this semester, and they will be responsible for the implementation of the project. This project continued mining city Dan Gar culture following the shadow show, Dan Gar embroidered leather. do some small contribution for the further promotion of dan Gar history culture,.

4、Our Computer and Internet Access: Our school was equipped two computer rooms in June 2013, there were 72 computers, and two of them are teachers’, the computer room has greatly improved student learning conditions, in the last year, our school have upgraded the network, the broadband speed reached up to 10 mega, improved the network environment, the students can surf on the internet every day.

5、 Problems We Had To Through the implementation of last two projects, we had the relatively certain experience, but there were some difficulties, such as: first, the players were all new selected, so that they knew a little about the project. Second, because it is winter, affected by local weather, there are a few chances to visit outside. Third, they are not familiar with webpage making, so they have to learn from scratch, learning by doing.

6、 Our Project Sound Bite:In October, in the selection of our school teacher Ma, the ten students in Grade seventh were honored to participate in the Western stories and Webpage contest. At the beginning, we did not quite understood on this project, in the teacher's introduction, we understood that since the school participated in the project, we had already won the gold medal in the two consecutive Webpage contest. In the Webpage production process, in the unified arrangement of the teacher, we carried out the division of labor. 3 students were responsible for text data collection, 3 students collected image data, and 4 students visited the relevant units and personnel. Finally, we and teacher Ma completed Webpage production. Although this process had encountered many disappointments, each of us was very excited, because this was the first time to take part in webfair, from which we can grow a lot of knowledge. I hope we can win the first battle!