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  Interview report  

Visit in Datong County Museum :


  On October 10, teachers and we students took the bus at 8:40 and walked 30 km to Datong Cultural Museum. We were glad when seeing the open door. We saw the sign Datong Hui Autonomous County Shadow, and took photos next to it. Above the sign there's a bronze sign Datong Hui Autonomous Shadow Research Center. We believed that we would get a large harvest of materials. However it was hard to predict. The chief of Shadow was not available that day after asking upstairs. There was no result.


  On October 17, we went to Datong County Museum again with confidenct, as we have learned from the last failure. We got the chief's name Chen Yingman and his number from staff in the museum. So when we stepped into his office, he was glad and asked about the contest after we told him our aim. He was curious about how to help us and said yes when we told him what we need.


  Chief Chen got for us the Datong County and Datong Shadow with other publicity brochures. He also showed the shadow exhibition room in the museum, where there are a lot of good shadow installed, covering more types, which we slowly read through one by one.



  After we finished, Mr. Chen explained the historical origins of Datong shadow, whose main raw material for shadow production is the yellow cattle leather, the producing processes, the major folk artists, and the hardships to the world. When we understood these, we were hoping to collect a bit more of video or image data. Mr. Chen immediately asked his photographer to copy part of pictures for us and recommended to us the current famous Shadow folk artist Zhou Banghui.


  When we asked about the future development of Datong Shadow, Mr. Chen showed his pessimism. Although Datong is developing itself outward, the artists are reduced because the making Shadow can not feed their families. Making shadow dolls can not help earning money, however we can tell the fine craft by each out the selling shadow dolls. We thanked him in his office then.


Interview the folk artist Zhou Banghui :


  After our interview in Datong County Museum, we planned to interview the folk artist Zhoubang HuiI in the Dongliu village, Huangjiazhai Town, Datong County. We tried to call him. It was him who picked up the phone. We told him about the interview, however he was not at home. He said he would be at home with all what we need. So we should contact him another day.


  On October 21, we came to the house of the folk artist Zhoubang HuiI in the Dongliu village, Huangjiazhai Town, Datong County. He immediately took us to his studio, showing us the production of leather shadow dolls, drawings, carved leather and the carving tools.

    He also showed how to make shadow dolls, such as needle carved, carving, coloring, and sewing when he introduced the dolls that he made and sold.  

  We also saw his awarded achievement. Since he was waited by others, our interview was short. However we learned a lot. He said he was very sorry and hoped another opportunity to continue the interview. We were very grateful. We were thinking whether we could do a page of his introduction.


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